5 Tips to Improve Your Marriage

Marriage is filled with ups and downs, and you understand this first-hand. What’s really great is that, as a committed partner, you’re always looking towards and open to improving your marriage. You understand that great things take some work and tending to, and to be honest, your marriage is no exception to this idea. So, now that you’re trying to improve your marriage you’re looking for some guidance on where to begin. If this sounds like your circumstance, then keep reading to explore five tips that will improve your marriage for years to come.

1. Listen to one another.


It’s challenging to really, deeply listen to someone. As humans, there’s a tendency to listen simply to respond to our partner. However, sometimes there’s more power in having someone who will simply listen. This listening means hearing them out despite your view on the matter. So, for example, if your spouse comes to you with a complaint or worry, hear them out before you get defensive or dismissive. Then, this focused listening needs to be reciprocated for you by your partner. By following this model of non-defensive listening you can ensure that you’re both being heard and your needs are expressed. Once you’ve both said your piece, you have the opportunity to rehash the conversation to come up with either a solution, apologize, or find the best fit for your needs.

2. Find ways to relax together.


As a married couple, you understand that life gets busy. Between both of your jobs, your personal responsibilities, familial needs, and needs it’s a challenge to sometimes make time to relax. However, to improve your relationship, it’s key to make sure you spend quality time with one another. Use this time to talk about family meetings, ask each other how you’re doing, and most importantly relax!

Relaxation is different for everyone. Some find that recreational marijuana is helpful for discarding the daily worries. If you and your spouse like to smoke or take edibles, make the time to do so together every once in a while. Living in the state of Michigan, there are dispensaries in many towns. Just two years ago, Michigan voters voted on a ballot initiative on Michigan marijuana laws that passed allowing the sale and use of recreational marijuana. This is a big change as Michigan regulation only allowed the sale of medical marijuana with an eligible medical marijuana card.

This marijuana legalization at the state law level created a lot of recreational marijuana sales. The Detroit Free Press reports that they made $1.6 million in sales after just one week after opening dispensaries. So, go ahead and head over to the dispensary and find a specific type of recreational marijuana that you and your spouse can use when you’re enjoying time relaxing together.

3. Help your male partner.


Sex is an important component of a marriage. Obviously, every couple’s sex drive is likely different. However, if you’re noticing a drop in libido it’s time to nip that in the bud so you can enjoy your sex life again. If the male partner in your relationship struggles with low libido, low sex drive, or erection problems then you might want to consider a male enhancement supplement. One of these well-known supplements is Erectin. It comes in a capsule form that you take before intercourse, and it’s made of natural herbs and ingredients that work to enhance sexual stamina. Erectin can improve sexual performance, increase blood flow to the penis, and improve libido too. However, before you give it a try speak with your doctor to clarify if it’s a good choice for you. If your doctor says it’s a go, Erectin can help you have an enhanced sex-life that makes your marriage even better.

4. Wear something that makes you feel confident.


Sexiness and confidence go hand-in-hand. And, what better way to spice up your love life with your spouse than surprising with new lace underwear that you feel totally confident in. Check out Soma — this retailer for a variety of underwear that works for any woman, but also impresses your partner too. They sell affordable and high-quality boyshorts, thongs, bikinis, and other varieties of panties for every style and comfort level out there. When you purchase your new lace panties, show them off to your spouse and keep the spark alive again. In turn, your marriage will benefit from your exciting purchase.

5. Maintain your expectations for one another.


The last tip to remember is that you need to hold expectations for each other. Don’t accept bad treatment from one another. This means being open, honest, and upfront about your expectations for how you want to be treated. The same expectations go for your spouse. Remember to always be each other’s biggest cheerleaders and keep your expectations high. In combination with this and the other four tips, you’ll have a happier, healthier marriage.

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