5 Wedding Day Limo Rental Money Saving Tips

There are so few occasions that warrant a limo rental. The average person will likely only have a few in their lifetime. But in addition to proms and funerals, weddings are just the sort of event where you might want to arrive in style via chauffeured limousine. Unfortunately, this luxury can be a major expense. And if you’re paying for everything on your own, you’re likely working with a pretty tight budget. That said, there are a few ways you can cut costs and still get the limo service you crave. Here are some tips that could make your dream of a modern-day carriage ride on your wedding day into an affordable reality.

  1. Consider the size of your party. The size of limo you need will certainly impact the price you pay, and the size of your limo likely depends on the size of your party. While you would love to be able to transport your entire wedding party to and from venues throughout the day, the truth is that the only people you really need to transport are the bride and groom. If you simply can’t fit the cost of a stretch number into your existing budget, get a Town Car for you and your soon-to-be spouse and let everyone else figure out their own transportation.
  2. Consider the duration of use. The amount of time you book for a limo rental affects the price, which is often calculated on an hourly basis. So if you really only want a driver to take you from the ceremony to the reception, or you just need someone to drive you to the airport so you can embark on your honeymoon, you may be able to save some money by finding your own way to the church, just for example. If, on the other hand, you really want the limo all day, find a service that offers discounts for a full-day booking.
  3. Multiple bookings. If you’re planning to use limos for the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, or to pick up out-of-town guests at the airport, then perhaps you can work out some kind of discount by booking them all at the same time. One booking probably won’t get you the discounted price you seek, but multiple bookings could provide you the leverage you need to secure a deal all around.
  4. Ask about cross-promotions. Many vendors that cater to wedding parties have deals in place with affiliated services that help everyone involved to get some business. So before you lay down your money for the limo, ask about cross-promotions they might have with florists, photographers, caterers, salons, or other business owners that also service wedding parties. Even if you can’t get a deal on transportation, you could save money elsewhere through referrals that lead to discounts thanks to cross-promotional campaigns.
  5. Consider alternatives. You might be surprised to discover that some deluxe limo & transportation services offer more than just stretch limousines. In addition the less expensive Town Cars, you might also have the option to rent non-traditional vehicles like convertibles, just for example, at less expense. If you’re not the type to arrive and leave by limousine anyway, this could offer you the opportunity to observe your particular style sensibilities and save some money in the process. You could also consider approaching regular car rental services if you can’t find a limo company that meets your needs.

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