Diamonds for Everyone: Best Ways to Finance a Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is without a doubt one of the key considerations in your budget. For most people who cannot buy the ring with a one-time payment, the only option is to finance the wedding ring.

Fortunately, there are many financing options that you can rely on to purchase the best wedding ring for your special occasion. In this post, we look at some of the widely available financing options for your wedding ring and what you should watch out for to get the best deal possible.

In as much as financing provides a more affordable way of getting the perfect wedding ring, you need to be smart about the whole process.

Some financing options can be quite expensive and probably end up being a financial burden to you for months to come. The last thing you need is to suffer financial squabbles with your loved one just because of the expensive ring you bought her on your wedding day.

To help you make an informed decision when looking for the best financing for your wedding ring, let’s look at some of the commonly available options today.


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  1. Credit Card

One of the most commonly used wedding ring financing options is by simply pay by credit card. However, this approach requires meticulous planning, or you may end up in a huge expensive debt.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you only put the ring on a credit card with the lowest APR possible, preferably one with 0% APR.

You will also need to ensure that the low APR matches the time frame within which you plan to pay off the wedding ring. Otherwise, you may end up with an even higher APR after the promotional period ends.

Keep in mind that you can only qualify for the low or 0% APR credit card, you need to have a perfect credit score, which unfortunately is not the case with most people today. If you don’t have great credit, you’ll need to build your credit score over time first before you can apply for the low APR.

  1. Get a Personal Loan

If building your credit score over time until you can qualify for a low or zero APR credit card will not work for you, a personal loan from a 3rd party financial institution.

However, a 3-year personal loan comes with high interest rates, especially if you don’t have good credit.

Personal loans are not recommended with poor credit because you could end up paying interest rates of 20% or more depending on your credit score.


Alt txt: Best Brilliance financing options

  1. Get a Short-Term Loan from Your Jeweler

The best option is to get financing from your jewelry store. It is a more competitive option that works the same way a car dealership does and is fairly standard across the board.

A leading jeweler such as Best Brilliance has easy and affordable financing options for your wedding ring. Best Brilliance financing options include offers from leading companies such as Affirm, Split It, and ID.Me Discount.

Affirm gives you 3-36 payments at budget-friendly payment rates ranging from 10 to 30% approximately. Split It is another easy and affordable financing option available at Best Brilliance. They allow you to split your purchases into 3 interest-free monthly payments via Visa or Mastercard.

The third option you get at Best Brilliance is ID.ME Discount which is available for students, military personnel, teachers, and first responders. You only need to verify your group status to access ID.Me discounts.


Financing your wedding ring is a good idea when you want to get the best ring with a payment plan you can afford.

Start by checking and comparing prices online before you rush to your local jeweler. A trustworthy online retailer such as Best Brilliance gives you a wide range of options in different price points to consider.

While setting the budget for the wedding ring, you should always balance your financial ability with her expectations.

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