Divorce Can Be a New Beginning

Pressures of modern life can be intense, and not just on teenagers emerging through puberty. Ironically, for the generation for which the sixties were so important, new found freedom nowadays because of a combination of society becoming more liberal, divorce acceptable, and the fact that there are so many senior people living alone, should come as no great surprise.

Divorce a real option

Expectations have grown; people are living longer and are no longer prepared to settle for second best. Most people are realistic but equally they have become less inclined to accept having to live in a relationship that is no longer working simply because that is what society used to expect. It doesn’t any more.

The legal profession, as a result of statistical information has found that there is an increase in divorces between people in middle-age and beyond. There was also a recent interview with Penelope Keith, an actress who has graced television screens for years. In the interview she suggested the fact that many people are splitting up in later years may be a reason why house prices in some sectors have risen above the norm. As couples split either one or both will leave the marital home.

They then go on to buy houses or apartments of their own because they have the means to do so having benefitted from the rise in property values over the term of their marriages. The proceeds from the sale of their joint property are their means of funding the purchase of a new/different property after their divorce. There is also the potential for newly single older individuals meeting up and settling down with a new partner, thereby further fuelling increasing property prices.

However, there is little real evidence that homes are automatically sold when couples split up. If the children have grown and gone, there is some logic in downsizing, but there are people who love their neighbourhood and are inclined to buy out their partners using other assets they have. Ironically, Penelope has been happily married for 35 years so she is not talking from personal experience.

More women than men actually start divorce proceedings, but that does not necessarily mean that they are the ones that are dissatisfied with their relationship. Some have found their husbands attracted to someone new. It is difficult to be accurate about the extent of the problem but there is no doubt that some people split up because they see no reason to stay together once the children have grown up.

New friendships

Whether there is a guilty party or not, it means the number of singles is increasing and as a result the number of people who are also looking for new friends, companionship and even a new relationship. It is something that can be found online perhaps, because there are introduction services that guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality.

You should be able to join and provide some personal details, but obviously no one sees them without your approval. You can post a profile and see what responses you get. Initially, everything would be email correspondence anyway.


Divorce law has certainly helped people achieve independence. The splitting of assets and the way pension provisions are handled means that no one has to stay in an unsatisfactory relationship if their joint assets and pension provisions are good.

If you follow link to find your perfect match you will see what the possibilities are. There are many people starting a new phase in their lives nowadays and happy to meet new people. You may never get beyond email correspondence in some cases, which is fine, as there is no obligation for anyone to feel obliged to meet; it’s entirely up to you.