Having A Rockabilly Themed Wedding

Your wedding is the time where you can truly accentuate your style and show yourself off to all your family and friends. Weddings no longer have to stick to the confines of tradition and it’s becoming a much more regular occurrence to see alternative subcultures hold the limelight.

The rockabilly theme is perfect for the wedding atmosphere. It’s smart, sophisticated, colourful, flattering and offers something a little different to the norm. If you’re thinking about having a rockabilly themed wedding, feel free to make use of these tips.

Vinyl Place Mats

If there’s one thing that everyone enjoys about a wedding it’s the food. Instead of using normal place mats, buy a bunch of old vinyl records and use them instead. If anything will project a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, it’s a retro record.

Greasers and Pin Ups

No doubt the majority of your guests won’t have a clue how to dress when you say rockabilly. To give them clearer ideas attach a specific theme to the wedding attire. For example, the greaser image suggests slicked back hair and leather; while the pin up image suggests polka dot dresses. Think about which look will best suit your vibe.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Think Elvis, Buddy Holly and country and western. Music plays a huge part in rockabilly culture, so carefully select your playlist to ensure it makes the grade. Make the right decision and by the end of the night no doubt you’ll have everyone doing the twist on the dancefloor.

Think Red and Turquoise

If there are two colours which sum up the rockabilly image its red and turquoise. Bright, bold reds may be a little strenuous on the eye, but it’s a party, so it’s allowed! Use turquoise accents to break up the colour and give everything more of a retro look.

Classic Cars

Show up in a classic hot rod. Rockabilly cars are stylish, cool and classy. A car with an open topped roof may be a little cliché, but it’ll certainly turn some heads.

Rockabilly Clothing

Make sure that you have a sense of continuity across the board. Buy your bridesmaids matching rockabilly dresses; your ushers matching blazers; and provide a few example pictures along with your invitations so your guests know what to expect.

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Josefine Andreasson is an alternative fashion blogger who loves everything to do with the rockabilly subculture.

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