How Private Detectives in India are Helping Solve Marital Issues

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Private Detectives are Saving Marriages

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals and transgressing the marital boundaries is considered a sin, especially in Indian culture. However, unfortunately cases of husbands cheating their wives and vice-versa have increased over the last few years. With changing lifestyles, the modern-day Indian men and women, particularly those living in the metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta are growing suspicious about their spouses activities and would like to be on top of information regarding their spouses. While many of them try seeking help from friends/ colleagues and other reliable sources to get to the crux of the matter, the smarter ones are approaching private detectives to get more clarity.

It is always wise to seek professional help in such cases rather than relying on random people and clues. One is able to get a clear picture about the situation only when the matter is taken care of professionally or else the doubts are likely to escalate further and may drive a wedge into a perfectly stable relationship. Private detectives in India procure the necessary licenses to practice this profession and are well versed with the way investigations are carried out and also maintain the highest level of discretion while they are at their task. They apply several techniques to investigate assigned cases. Read on to find out more about how detective agencies in India are assisting in solving various marital issues.

Internet Records Are a Giveaway

With the growing use of internet and social media, the most common method being used to spy on a suspect these days is verify the suspect’s computer history. A cheating spouse often tends to clear the internet history and cookies making it difficult for his partner to confirm the doubts. Hidden or locked files are also created to ensure that the other person does not access the information stored. A layman cannot view anything if the history is deleted or if the files are hidden or locked but private detectives in India are licensed to use advanced computer programs that are designed to retrieve such information.

Detective agencies in India work in association with some of the best hackers and technological experts who help them install such spy programs on the suspect’s computer and also assist them in using the same. Looking at the computer history and the hidden / locked files, it is easy to figure out whether one is guilty or not. In any case, a good amount of evidence may also be collated from the system.


Licensed private detectives in India also provide professional surveillance services. They make use of advanced spy cameras and are also aware about conducting video surveillance efficiently without the fear of getting noticed by the suspect. They are experts in this field and are familiar with the tricks of the trade. By making use of professional surveillance technology, private detectives in Mumbai and other parts of the country are not only able to investigate about the whereabouts and other details of the suspects but also gather enough evidences to prove the same. With evidences in hand, there is hardly any scope of doubt left.

Private detectives are also experts in running background checks. Conducting a background check always helps. Though, it is suggested to get this done before taking the decision to marry a person however, it is never too late! In certain cases, it becomes essential to know about a person’s past in order to reach the truth. Now, it is almost impossible to carry out this task without professional help. There are cases where people have lied about their earlier marriages and affairs; private detectives in Mumbai have come across many such cases. Detective agencies have several ways to find out about the suspects’ past in order to help their clients.

Asset Search

Detective agencies in India also offer professional asset search service that is helpful in finding out about a husband or wife’s infidelity. They conduct investigations to dig out and find more about a person’s hidden property, credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and other such assets. Private detectives even have means to track a person’s financial transactions that help in finding out about his hotel stays, cloth, jewelry and other purchases, escort services, etc. All these may serve as a hard proof against a cheating partner.

Marital issues may even involve a women being harassed by her in-laws for various reasons. While until a few years back, women refrained from raising their voice against such tyranny they are no longer ready to bear it. However, they cannot bring forth the truth without a substantial proof to back the same. This is where private detectives come into picture. Detective agencies in Mumbai have received several such cases in the recent past. Private detectives have also helped in solving cases where the parents suspect that their daughters are being mistreated by their in-laws. They help such parties by investigating the matter diligently and gathering the required proof. The evidences gathered by licensed private detectives in India can also be produced in courts and can help save many people from future torture and suffering. Private detectives in India are doing society a good turn and the well known agencies are also benefiting from increased trust from the public due to their professional image and reputation.

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