Learn How to Clean Women’s Shoes Conveniently and Properly

Running and walking are two physical activities that keeps any man or woman fit and in good shape. For women, walking is much more convenient and easier, where the only thing that is to be chosen carefully is the womens walking shoes. Many shoe manufacturing companies these days make shoes, especially for the women, which are very good and reliable. Buying a nice pair and using them for a long time needs good maintenance as well. This means, cleaning the shoes as and when necessary since the dust and moisture may ruin the material, if they are left on it for a long time. Regular maintenance ensures that one doesn’t need another pair of shoes very soon, which helps in saving both money and environment.

Ways to maintain the shoes at home

The very first thing that needs to be done in order to carry on the task of cleaning the shoes is to look after the dirt and stains frequently. Though one doesn’t need to clean the shoes every day, but cleaning them lightly in an interval of one to two weeks, would avoid the accumulation of hard dirt on the surface. This light cleaning could be done with the usual method of wiping with a moist piece of cloth or with the shoe cleaning kit. These shoe cleaning kit are available in most of the shoe stores, if one can’t find them, she may arrange her own kit. The kit would usually consist of a hard brush for that old shameless dirt, stuck on the surface, a soft brush, cleaning cloth, shoe shampoo and screw-driver to remove the pebbles from the groves. The last item is used most often after or in the middle of a walk, when any pebble gets stuck in the groves of the shoe. It makes the walk very uncomfortable and the sole may also get damaged, if it is not removed immediately or post walk.

With frequent light cleaning happening, it is always good to deep clean the shoes after couple of weeks they are being used. This removes the odors, brightens the exteriors, while prolonging the overall life of the pair. The best part of deep cleaning is the fresh feeling of wearing the shoes, after they are cleaned. In order to do so, the laces should be removed from the shoes as well as the insoles. Then in a bucket full of water some mild detergent for cloths are mixed up, if the shoe shampoo isn’t available. The shoes are soaked for a while and then rinsed thoroughly under a cold water tap, which should remove the initial grime. If there are still some hard dirt left, the hard brush or soft brush may be used to scrub the surface mildly before rinsing them once again. In case the dirt still isn’t going away, the shoes need to be soaked for a longer duration in the bucket and the process is to be repeated. The same is to be done with the insoles and laces. Post wash, it should be dried beneath a shade so overexposure to the sun may not happen. They must never be dried in the same dryer where the clothes are dried post-laundry.

 Ways to maintain the shoes on the go

While moving around or walking, it would be best to avoid the trail or path where sharp objects or stones are found. They may damage the sole and the sides of the shoes. It will consequently decrease the life of the pair and if the damage is irreparable, then the shoes may have to be disposed off. Womens walking shoes are made not to just be useful, but also make its user look elegant. A bit of care while on the walk will keep it in good condition.

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