Perfect Your Bridal Look With Jewelry

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have probably spent a lot of time planning every little detail, from the centerpieces at the reception all the way down to the font style on the invitations. Just like you probably spent time deliberating which wedding dress was right for the occasion, you should also spend some time finding the right jewelry. The right jewelry can perfect your bridal look on your special day.

Choosing Which Jewelry to Wear

When choosing which jewelry to wear, you need to consider many different things. You will need to decide on a jewelry style and metal color, as well as which pieces of jewelry you will be wearing. You will not want your jewelry to be too much for your dress, so you will need to choose your jewelry pieces based on the details of your dress such as beading and neckline.

Coordinate Your Jewelry

When deciding which jewelry to wear, you will need to coordinate it with your dress, style, hair and other jewelry pieces. Usually, one piece of jewelry serves as the focal point for the whole ensemble. Decide if you want your earrings or necklace to be the focus. If your earrings are to be the main piece, you will want them to be more obvious, such as chandelier earrings. You will then need to coordinate your other jewelry to match the focal point. The jewelry should complement the main piece but should not be overbearing.

Choosing a Necklace for your Dress Neckline

When choosing your jewelry set, the necklace is oftentimes the focal point. It is very important that your necklace compliments the neckline of your wedding dress. The most common types of necklines for wedding dresses include strapless, sweetheart, scoop halter and V necks. Each of these necklines is different and requires a different length, shape and style of necklace. For example, you would not want to overpower your halter neckline with a chunky necklace just as you would not want to go with a round necklace for a V neck dress.

Choosing a Jewelry Metal for your Wedding Dress

The jewelry metal is also a very important detail to pay attention to. The color of your jewelry can set tone for your look, from using yellow or rose gold for a more romantic look or silver and platinum for a modern and glamorous look. The color of your skin and the shade of your dress should play an important role in deciding the jewelry metal you use. Choose softer tones such as a sterling silver jewelry or pearly hue for your white gown. Gold jewelry is the perfect accent for cream and ivory wedding gowns. If your gown is slightly off-white, you have a little more freedom and can choose between both gold and silver.

Choosing a Jewelry Store

When choosing your wedding jewelry, you have your choice from different jewelry stores. Many of these stores offer you quality wedding jewelry that’s easy to coordinate with any existing jewelry or style. To choose the store you’ll buy your jewelry from, take a look at the store’s policies. If the jewelry doesn’t match your vision, are you able to return or exchange the jewelry without a hassle? You will also want to make sure the jewelry store offers quality jewelry that doesn’t look cheap and won’t break easily.

Written by James Cook of Majestical Jewelry.

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