Three Tips for Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Guest Table Décor

Your wedding is undeniably one of the most memorable and important days you will have in your entire life. It is a chance for the two of you to stand before all your family and friends, profess your love for one another, and join together in the union of marriage. While that is all fine and romantic, there is also the stressful side of weddings which is the planning. Everyone wants to have a “perfect” wedding, but in order to pull that off, you can bet there is a lot of thought, work, time, money, and planning that is put into it.

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One element that is often the focus of the ceremony space is the table décor for your wedding guests. This helps to set the tone for the room and the wedding and will reflect your couple style. It’s a great opportunity to bring a theme together, and add elegance to the day. So, what are some must-have items when it comes to table décor? Let’s take a closer look.

Table Linens Are a Must

There is nothing that will be more of an eyesore than a bare table that is void of any linen. Table linens can literally pull the entire look together, and take a rather standard looking table and elevate it to something sophisticated and elegant. Typically the most common linens are tablecloths, and because you can get them in so many colours, textures, fabrics, and patterns, they are incredibly versatile.

Outside of the tablecloths, it’s always a nice touch to use linen napkins. Depending on the venue, you can also look into linen seat covers to tie the look together.

Take a look at the spectacular offerings through Posh Couture Rentals, a Texas wedding and event rentals company as an example. You can select any colour and fabric you want, and they even have “virtual table” set-ups on their webpage.

Mood Lighting Is a Spectacular Touch

Regardless of the lighting in the venue, adding mood lighting to the table can be a great little touch. Sure this adds elegance, but it also adds interest and personality to the table. You can do small tea lights, large candles, or even a candelabra if you choose. Mood lighting can stand on its own or be incorporated into your centrepieces.

The Table Number and Wedding Place Card Holder

As guests walk around the room looking for their assigned table and seat, you need to think ahead and be sure you have added a table number and a wedding place card holder to each table. This provides you with an opportunity to use the table number and chart as décor, as you can display it in an ornate or modern frame, have it displayed on a small easel, and use beautiful font or calligraphy on the chart.

Make a Statement with the Tables

By following these tips you’ll be making a statement with the guest tables, and setting the entire mood and tone for your wedding reception.

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