Tips for Throwing the Perfect Southern Wedding

When you think of a Southern wedding you think historic locations, southern elegance, beauty, and charming hospitality. Many couples find inspiration from the big hair, large bridal parties, and rustic flare found on Pinterest boards. Whether you are planning a stylish Southern soiree or a farmhouse-chic celebration, there are several elements essential to planning the perfect Southern wedding.

Venue Vibes

There is no shortage of historical, antebellum, indoor, and outdoor venue options for a Southern wedding. Spring and Fall are perfect times of the year for a picturesque outdoor wedding on a historic plantation or rustic farm. An estate, manor, or country club that has a little bit of everything would be ideal for a formal wedding. Think about what vibe you are going for with your wedding and choose a venue that fits your vision.


Picturesque Environment

The South is full of charming locations that will make for beautiful wedding photos. When choosing a wedding venue make sure it has a picturesque environment. Your wedding photos will take place at the venue, so think about your photo goals and consider if the venue is an ideal backdrop.

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Proper Southern Cuisine Is Mandatory

Home cooking reigns supreme in the South. The perfect Southern wedding pays homage to proper Southern cuisine. Your guests will appreciate local delicacies, traditional recipes, and interpretations of southern classics. The food served should match the formality of the event. Don’t be afraid to go buffet-style when it comes to a low-key celebration. Sweet tea cocktails, a seafood boil, and barbeque sauce station fit a southern wedding style.


Embrace Your Southern Roots

Throwing a Southern wedding comes with the same responsibilities of hosting guests at your home. Your guests are expecting true Southern hospitality, which means entertainment, fun and unique cocktails, twists on Southern comfort food, and style and personality that embraces your Southern roots. The details of your decor, menu items, traditions, music, and entertainment should leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Choose the Right Officiant

Choose an officiant that fits the needs of your ceremony. Consider each of your religious backgrounds if you are planning on having a religious ceremony. The South is a traditional and religious region, and many Southern couples elect to participate in premarital counseling by a pastor, priest, or counselor to reflect on their journey as a married couple.

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Cocktail Hour Area

Most of the wedding planning goes into the ceremony and reception. The perfect Southern wedding includes the ever-important cocktail hour in a dedicated area. Cocktail hour allows guests to mingle after the ceremony while the newlyweds are having their photos taken. Knowing that your guests aren’t bored or suffering from hunger or thirst in your absence will help you enjoy the start of a celebratory evening.

The perfect Southern wedding has the right mix of traditional, modern, and personalized elements. Whether you are planning a grand event or an intimate affair, the right touches will make your wedding perfect.


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