Top 10 Ways to Impress A Woman

Sometimes guys make a big deal about making an impression on girls, when the smallest thing can create a lasting impression. A couple of small gestures or even a single smart comment can make a woman take a second look. Of course, the flip side of this is a single offensive remark can knock you out of the running completely. Women are prone to determining rather quickly whether a guy is worthy of their time or not, and all the little things you say or do are a part of that equation. In order to help you out a little, we have come up with a neat little top ten list of easy ways to impress a woman. Nothing here is especially time consuming, difficult or overly complicated. Use these tips to put you on the right road to getting a date, phone number or at least a second glance.

Meet Her Gaze

All parts of a beautiful woman catch the eye, but before you are tempted to give her the once over remember it’s the little things that are going to impress her. Keep in mind if she catches you staring at her finer physical attributes while she is pouring out her heart about her family, you are going to come off as a creep.

Grooming is Important

Is your hair in need of a trim or your beard out of control? Is that a small hint of body odor? Either of these scenarios can be chance killers with most women. She needs to see that you are capable of taking care of yourself; looking good and smelling great is one small way to accomplish that goal. Does this mean you have to be clean-shaven? Not necessarily, but if you are going to have it, maintain it well. You are looking for a beautiful woman, which is based on appearance, so what is your appearance saying about you?

Assist Her

Chivalry and gentlemanly behavior may seem old fashioned but when you are trying to impress a woman, you might want to take a page from your granddads playbook! Of course, a coat over a mud puddle might be a little over the top, but there are some old school things you can do to impress her. Help her with her coat or hold a door for her. Anything that is kind and courteous is going to make you stand out in the crowd. As a bonus, it will increase her comfort level with you, which could let you get just a little closer.

Her Friends

As you try to decide if you want to ask a woman out you are checking out her looks, personality, intelligence and sense of humor, among other things. Women use some of the same criteria, but they also look for signs you would be a good partner and how well you fit with her social network or group of friends is going to be important. Are you likable, charming or sociable? Women are attracted to guys like that because they are men their families and friends are going to love. Talk to her friends; get their seal of approval while you are working your charms on her. Be careful, however, that everyone knows who you are interested in dating.

Ignore the Cell Phone

If you want to communicate very quickly that she is not very important to you, take a call in the middle of a date or casual conversation. Of the top ten things you can do to impress a woman, ignoring your cell should be one you highlight and underline! We have become a society more comfortable with technology so many men think it is okay to shoot off an email or take a call during dinner, it is not! You are out with her or talking to her so you want to devote your undivided attention on her. It wouldn’t hurt a thing if she witnessed you silencing the monster, just to continue your conversation with her!

Questions are Good

Your number one goal while getting to know a woman is making her comfortable. To that end you want to steer the topic of conversation in directions she is comfortable with, such as her interests or life. People naturally enjoy talking about themselves; it is the one area we know a lot! Ask her questions about her favorite things, past successes or even what she doesn’t like. You accomplish two goals with these types of questions, first you show you are interested in her and two you allow her to feel comfortable. Remember not to sound like an inquisitor though, if she thinks you are doing a background check on her at dinner she is likely to close down and not return your phone calls.

Hold the Door

Another top ten entry of simple ways to impress the woman of your dreams is holding the door. Taking the time to open the door is another one of those small gestures that seems to have disappeared from society; however, you can rest assured she will appreciate it. Opening a door is an easy act and tells the other person you can be considerate as well as polite. Open the door for her, do your part to bring chivalry back into the mainstream.


You already know you would like to compliment her, but you are unsure of how to go about it. After all, you want it to come across as sincere. So, something like you have gorgeous eyes is just not quite enough. Try telling her how fantastic she looks in a particular outfit. Saying, “You look fabulous in that skirt” is a great way to tell her she is hot, without being the same old tired compliments. This tells her you are attracted to her much more clearly than nice jacket! At the same time, you are complimenting her fashion sense as well as her looks.

Take Her Advice

Whether you are trying to set your friend up or looking for a new apartment, women enjoy being sought out for advice. It tells her you value her opinion and trust her to give you good advice. You do have to be careful not to come across as dumb here; you should know something after all! Besides this could make her uncomfortable or feel put on the spot. Instead, try to get her input on a limited set of options. For instance, which is better a loft or townhouse apartment? You leave it open for her to express an opinion, and if you are lucky it will lead to a more in depth conversation.

No Smoking

Smoking is bad for you, most people are well aware of this fact as well as the risks of second hand smoke. Do not be alarmed we will not get on a soapbox about it! However, you should know this one habit could be reducing your options when it comes to finding a partner. Many women have smoking listed on their top five deal breakers. If you check smoking on your dating profile, you could be knocking out 90% of the available women on the site. Still not convinced? recently did their own survey about smoking and found that nearly 90% of singles prefer to date a non-smoker. Add this to the 70% of smokers who say they would rather not date another smoker and you begin to see how smoking is affecting your dating life.

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