Top 4 Wedding Favors To Make Your Special Day Even More Special

Any bride and groom want to make their guests feel as happy as possible, and wedding favors are the perfect way to make your guests leave on a high, as well as giving them something to remember your special day. With so many options, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 4 so you can choose the perfect wedding favor.

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Thank You Cards

Sometimes a simple thank you card is all you need to show your guests how much you appreciate them. The great thing about thank you cards is they’re perfect for letting your creativity out and are incredibly easy to personalize to your wedding or to each guest. There are some companies that will offer you premade templates, so you can be sure that your thank you card will give the message you’re looking for, whether that’s classy and elegant, or fun and bouncy, and of course, you can personalize these templates to fit your day perfectly. With so little time in preparation, these are wonderful on their own or accompanied with a gift, making this the perfect option for couples who want to make a statement.

Mason Jars

For wedding favors, mason jars are an incredibly flexible option for those who are looking for something simple, yet effective. The beauty of mason jars is that you can fill them with anything you like – sweets, jam, bath bombs, a little plant – the world is your oyster! Investing in some small jars, filling them (and even personalizing each one for your guests), tying them with a bit of string or a ribbon and a small, handwritten label is an elegant and fun way to give your guests something useful and cute to remember your day.


It may sound strange, but bubbles can be a great wedding favor for guests young and old – it’s something the kids (big kids included) are sure to love, and is a little something fun to fill your guests with some child-like glee. When your guests use them, it will also make the room full of bubbles, adding a pretty, fun touch to your big day, too. Plus, who doesn’t love bubbles?! And with bubble wands specifically designed for wedding favors, it’s not hard to find some that fit in, making them a perfect gift for your wedding guests.


Getting some personalized wine glasses are the perfect wedding favor – not only do they look classy, but your guests will be happy to use them both at your wedding and at home, too, giving them a joyful reminder of your big day. There are plenty of options out there, with lots of personalization options, meaning you can add the date of your wedding, your names, and even your guests’ names if you’re feeling dedicated! Glasses never look out of place at a wedding, and they’re sure to get plenty of use, so they’re a lovely favor for your guests to take home.

These are our favorite 4 wedding favors that we think transform your big day into the perfect day. What’s yours?

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