Ways to Deal with Setbacks During a Wedding

Even if you planned the wedding down to the smallest detail, it is still possible for you to experience setbacks. It does not mean that the wedding is over because of the problem. You can still do something to fix the problem and move ahead. These are some possible issues you might face and what you could do.


Damage to the wedding dress

It is every bride’s nightmare to have something happen to the wedding dress. You spent months finding the perfect dress, and you do not want anything to happen to it. However, if you, unfortunately, spilt liquid on it, you need to act quickly. Find stain removal wipes that will remove the stains almost entirely, or at least make them look small enough to be invisible. Ripping your dress could also be a nightmare. It helps if you ask your maid-of-honour to bring a small roll of fabric tape during the wedding. It could help conceal the damaged part if you do not have time to sew it. Given how massive the dress is, a small piece of tape might be unnoticeable.


It rains during an outdoor wedding

You can avoid this problem by checking the weather forecast on the wedding day. Given how accurate most weather forecasting tools these days are, it is easy for you to check if it is going to rain on that day. If it does and you still want to pursue an outdoor wedding, you can prepare umbrellas. You might even want to use colour coordinated umbrellas since they will look amazing in photos. Better yet, find an indoor venue so that it does not matter what happens outside.


Having sore feet

Walking in high heels during the entire wedding day is impossible. After only an hour, your feet will start to feel sore. The best thing to do is to bring an extra pair of shoes. At the reception, try to take your high-heeled shoes off and replace them with something comfortable. Again, given the layers of fabric used in your dress, no one will know what type of shoes you are wearing. You might even find a dress that covers your entire feet so that you can wear any kind of footwear all day.


Drunk guests

It is possible to have someone getting drunk at the wedding. If bars have bouncers who throw rowdy guests out, you can also do the same. However, since you know these people, you need to be gentle. Assign someone in your family to serve as wedding police who will check on guests who are causing a scene to take them out for air before allowing them to come back inside. If too intoxicated, you need to move them away from the wedding venue.


Broken cars

You cannot afford to damage the car on your way to the wedding. The only way to save the day is to call a backup vehicle to pick you up. Unfortunately, it will not be one of the beautifully decorated wedding cars that you were riding in earlier. To prevent this problem, you need to rent a quality and well-maintained wedding car.


These setbacks could happen at any wedding. Do not panic when they happen but try your best to address the problem right away.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/5BzwZ4ULocA


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