What Is Marriage Really Like?

Whether you’re single and dreaming of that perfect wedding day with a perfect stranger, engaged to be wed or have experienced years of marital bliss with your significant other, marriage is undoubtedly something that lingers on everybody’s minds. You might believe in it, you might not – but before uttering the two words ‘I do’ like there’s no tomorrow, it’s important to know the ins and outs of life within a marriage.



  1. 1.    Once you’re married, that’s it.


Yes, it’s blunt. But it’s true. You’ve found your dream woman/Prince Charming, everything goes swimmingly, and before you know it, you’re engaged. You’ve set the date, chosen the flowers, wrote the guest list, and couldn’t be more excited for the day itself. The wedding is beautiful, the honeymoon is amazing and then it’s time for newlywed life! If you’re absolutely sure that the person you married or will marry is the one for you, you’re sorted. If there’s nothing more you want than to wake up to their face every morning for the rest of your life, you’re more than sorted. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It’s a promise. Essentially, you’re vowing to each other that you will stick with them “in sickness and in health” plus in a variety of other circumstances. It really is a beautiful thing (if the above criteria sounds like you, that is)!



  1. 2.    It’s not like in the movies.


Most romantic comedies paint the picture of marriage being an unending love fest, full of romantic gazes across the breakfast table and passionate kisses atop a hill. This isn’t real. Sure, rom-coms are great, and it would be fantastic for real life to be just like them, but unfortunately this is not the case. In real life, marriages take work. Marriage is the process in which you have to accept your husband/wife’s flaws, and live with them forever. Yes, there will be times when you’re too tired for sex, and there will be times when your other half is, too. There’ll be work commitments, running around after small children (in most marriages, anyway), and times when you feel like bashing your husband or wife over the head with a frying pan. Of course, don’t act on the urge!



  1. 3.    Problems are inevitable.

If you’re in a marriage where arguments never take place, period, then there’s a problem. Bickering & arguments in marriages now and again are totally normal and healthy. There’s no way two people can live together every single day and not ever get annoyed with something. Perhaps your husband leaves his towels on the bathroom floor rather than hanging them up or maybe your wife gets a little aggravated at a certain point in the month. Occasional conflict within a marriage is normal, and every loved-up married couple should be willing to put up with these inevitable marital issues.



  1. 4.    It involves lots of commitment.

If you’re one of those who seems to grow tired in relationships, have wandering eyes and distracting thoughts about others, marriage (in this case) probably isn’t for you. You’re bound to meet a special person one day where you stop and say to yourself, “Wow, I think I can do this. I don’t want anybody else” at some point, but if you are in a relationship where you’re not totally sure, forget about it. To get married, both parties need to be completely sure that it’s what they want to do. Marriage takes lots of commitment, and you’re promising to stick with that person forever. Think before you act.


After reading this article, the thought of marriage might seem a little scary. It’s true – it’s a serious thing, but also a beautiful one. Marriage involves thinking about why you want to be together for the rest of your lives, and celebrating all of the reasons. It can be tough, difficult and a lot of work, but when you know you’ll be spending the rest of your life with the person in the world you love the most, it sure becomes worthwhile.

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